In just a few hours, GDR can have your doors 100% chemically stripped!   Our process removes varnish, linseed oil, urethane and Penetrol finishes.


We use an industrial grade paint stripper, bulk purchased direct from the factory.  It is applied to garage doors with gentle, precise factory designed sprayers designed to keep your property safe.


Our wire brushes quickly and safely remove the old finish….even in tight corners.


All debris is removed promptly from the worksite after the first day.

We are a factory trained and certified Sikkens P3 contractor.  


Sikkens base coat is an alkyd based, highly transparent stain that provides superior UV protection.  It’s flexible, breathable and water repellent characteristics make it acceptable as a stand-alone finish system.


We lightly apply gel stain to fiberglass surfaces on the first day.   


After drying overnight, we adjust the color exactly to your specifications with a variety of Sikkens tinted sealers.  


Garage doors may be used immediately after staining.  

Entry doors should not be used throughout the staining and sealing process.

Spar Varnish is old technology.  The stains and sealers we use are a unique blend of three Sikkens products that result in a varnish-like appearance.


After staining, we apply three tinted or clear seal coats…each drying to a satin finish overnight.


Sikkens sealers are alkyd base, translucent and factory tinted in eight different colors. They contain anti-fungicide and UV blocking chemicals.


We can precisely apply tinted sealer to adjust the color of an individual board or the entire door.  


Garage doors may be used immediately after staining or sealing.  


Entry doors should not be used throughout the staining and sealing process